TA JING BEND TUBE no.340, Sec.1,Ming-Sheng Nr. Rd., Keisheng county, Taoyuan City. $ 03-352-4352 was established in 1980 and has concentrated on manufacturing bending hydraulic metal tube . In 1993, OEM department was started that provided services in manufacturing hardware and metal products. We has earned its reputation in the manufacturing leader in Taiwan.  Hydraulic metal tube end sealing machine is a innovation of the company which has obtained the patent protections in many countries and registered in EU for CE certificate . As this machine has overthrown the traditional pipe ends processing methods, it is selling remarkably well and remained outstanding worldwide. With its quality products, professional technology and innovative spirits. We bend tube width: 60.5~165.2 m/m, material : STAINLESS/STEEL/WHITE B/BLACK B 



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